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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition affecting individuals. Its complexity comes from multiple factors in a person’s lifestyle, genetic disposition or environment. It occurs due to the body’s inability to gain enough energy through foods consumed. Insulin helps transfer glucose-to-cells-to-energy. Diabetes happens when there is insulin deficiency in the pancreas or ineffective use of that produced. This means when you eat, instead of transporting glucose (sugar) from food through the bloodstream to cells to energy, glucose builds up in the blood. It is serious and at times life threatening so must be controlled carefully to prevent complications and further health problems.

What is diabetes

After being diagnosed, the individual must be proactive in managing the condition and this becomes a continuous process important to follow. Our simple three step process can be used as a guide – TRUEhealth will help you on this journey, stay on track and ensure these steps are followed with ease.

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Approximately 1.1 million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes – that is 4.7% of the population or 275 Australians diagnosed each day costing the economy $6 billion per annum. Statistics show the incidence of diabetes continues to grow at alarming rates.

When compared on an international scale, Australian children have the 6th highest incidence of type 1 diabetes. Type 2 is mostly progressive amongst older age groups developing based on one’s lifestyle and genes. Many individuals also remain an undiagnosed type 2 causing unrealised long-term damage to their health.

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Heading - Can i get diabetesRight now, you may have diabetes and not even know it! To ensure your blood sugar is normal, it is very important to have it tested on a regular basis. This is so if you become diagnosed you can start eating right, exercising and taking medication to control it. If you don’t have diabetes it is still important to live healthy and stay active.

To prevent diabetes and stay healthy you can:

  • Eat a lot of vegetables, low fat and fibre rich foods
  • Incorporate physical activity as part of your daily routine – play a sport, drive instead of walk or take up aerobics
  • Keep your weight in the normal range
  • Get your blood sugar tested every few years

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