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Diabetes is a severe disease that has the ability to cause harm to the human body. It can provoke blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure as well as lead to amputations. A large amount of people worldwide die suddenly from the complications of diabetes. It is important to understand the risks. You are at risk of developing diabetes based on ethnicity, how old you are, your health and fitness as well as your gender.

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The checklist

Everyone that is more active and ensure they eat right are more likely to have healthy blood sugar levels minimising their risk. Making your heart work through activity and moving will keep it healthy, give you more energy and reduce stress. Make your activities as fun as you can and use the following lifestyle check list.

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Do I watch for signs and visit my doctor or healthcare professional regularly?Checkbox


Do I choose the right amount of food and eat using a healthy meal plan?Checkbox


Am I exercising regularly and trying to control my weight?Checkbox


Have I checked my sugar levels in the past month or so?Checkbox

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