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Monitoring your blood glucose is one of the most critical components in managing your diabetes. Periodic self-testing has proven to assist in the development of a plan that controls your sugar levels. You together with your doctor or healthcare professional can assess results and determine what changes will help you reach target goals. To better understand your blood glucose results, take charge and RECORD.


Subheading - Understanding & track for true results

Monitoring your blood glucose will only have a sense of value if you understand the results you are getting. Nipro’s various tools will ensure you take charge, understand and track for true results.

Subheading - Your monitoring tools

The first step to easily understand, take charge and manage your results is by using our very own TRUEmanager software and log book monitoring tools. It is ideal to be using a special notebook to record your results during the day and night. If it is difficult to write the numbers down, Nipro’s TRUEresult family of systems have memory storage capacity allowing you to store information in your meter.

Once you have written down or stored all results, you can better evaluate your levels on how well you have done and where you can improve. Start using our self-test log books and TRUEmanager software today – be sure to take it to your next diabetes appointment. Your doctor and healthcare professional will help review your results and if necessary make any changes to your plan. Always remember the main objective is to have as many results as possible in your target range – it is not about being perfect but understanding what you can act on and where to improve the management of your diabetes.

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getting started

Border - Goals

STEP 1 Your Goals

To begin recording and taking charge, schedule a visit with your doctor or healthcare professional to discuss your diabetes management plan, agreed goals and see what you need to learn. You will use this knowledge plan to live healthy and stay active.

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STEP 2 Determine Your Schedule

Create a daily testing schedule. After agreeing with your healthcare professional on your diabetes targets you must create a strict daily schedule to follow. Doing so will help you spot patterns, watch for areas of concern and make sense of the numbers. Here’s an example:

MondayBefore breakfast and 2 hours after dinner
WednesdayBefore lunch and 2 hours after dinner
FridayBefore dinner and 2 hours after dinner
SundayOnce in the morning and before bed

Border - Record

STEP 3 Track and Record

Start recording your results whether it be in your self-test log books or with our TRUEmanager software. When testing daily, write your results in the appropriate columns. At the end of the month, make a summary taking this to your healthcare professional. Consider the following questions:

1. How many of your results are outside your optimal target range?

2. Can you spot any high or low trends? What time of the day do these occur?

3. Can you think of any reason why this occurs?

4. What can you do to get on track with your target range?

5. Do you need possible treatment changes to your diabetes management plan?


TRUEmanager is the easy way for you and healthcare providers to understand and manage blood glucose results with reports. Our stand alone software is compatible with our TRUEresult Family Systems. Each report displays test results from varied, valuable perspectives creating easy-to-view, printable reports for evaluation and discussion.

Main - Reporting

The TRUEmanager tool ensures you track a healthier course for diabetes management, stay connected and make positive choices. The software allows the creation of reports such as:

  • Customisable summary report
  • Modal day and week report
  • General and extended log book report
  • Conformance report
  • Glucose trend report

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