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We understand that having diabetes and managing the condition can be an overwhelming process. Nipro’s TRUEportfolio of products is designed to help you take quality control of your diabetes. Everything starts with TESTING.


To achieve accurate and successful diabetic self-management, one of the keys is keeping your blood sugars to as near normal as possible. Blood glucose meters (BGM) have been utilised for decades and have been successful in monitoring sugar levels. They have proven to be beneficial in delaying diabetes complications and promoting patient compliance.

Sparks from innovation have immensely improved its ease of use, convenience and portability. Patients that are well trained on their meters will achieve accurate results in turn helping with quality care and treatment of their condition.

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BGM’s are invaluable tools used to measure your health. It helps gauge if the medications consumed, nutritional, treatment and physical activity plans followed are helping patients reach their target goals. If your blood sugar levels are outside your recommended target range it is important to consult your local doctor or healthcare professional. Many individuals find it difficult coping with the management of their diabetes. Thankfully BGM’s, aside from other products, provide a practical solution after diagnosis to ensure you stay in control.

Remember no one person is the same – talking with your doctor or healthcare professional will assist you in developing a schedule that best suits your lifestyle and financial needs.


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When selecting your Nipro blood glucose system you must choose the one that best fits in with your daily needs. Our TRUEresult Family of Systems provide users with practical, affordable, convenient and easy to use solutions. The range has been specifically designed for frequent home use and on-the-go testing. Which is the right one for you? It all depends on your type of diabetes, lifestyle and activity needs.

Our ‘Choosing your products’ page will assist you in selecting the most suitable Nipro product for diabetes management. Choose your meter here:

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Heading - Highs & Lows 2

What happens with those highs and lows? By continuously monitoring your blood sugar levels, you will feel great, remain healthy and be in control of your diabetes. There are instances where your sugar levels can pass towards the extremes becoming life threatening. It is imperative to recognise the symptoms and act accordingly.

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Sub Headings - Hypo

Hypoglycaemia is when your blood glucose falls to the lower extreme. The word ‘hypo’ meaning low and ‘glycaemia’ sugar.

Having a hypo can make you feel very dizzy, weak also causing irregularly fast heartbeats. At this stage it is common for vision to become blurry and numbness sensation to be felt at the fingertips. Diabetics will reach this stage if they do not eat enough, miss main meals or even consume excessive amounts of alcohol and medicine.

A hypo patient must be treated immediately with either a dose of glucose or a portion of carbohydrates such as a tablespoon of raisins and honey or jellybeans.

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See our latest TRUEplus glucose tablet, shot and gel range to assist treatment of patient hypoglycaemic reactions.

Sub Headings - Hyper

Hyperglycaemia is when your blood glucose falls at the higher extreme. The word ‘hyper’ meaning high.

You will feel tired, thirsty, may get vertigo, headaches, be hungry, and frequently urinate when having a hyperglycaemic attack. Diabetics will reach this phase if they eat too much, are not physically active or consume the incorrect dosage of medication.

Hyperglycaemic patients must find ways to balance medication, lifestyle and activity. If blood sugar levels are abnormally high seek medical attention right away.

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