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1. How are the TRUEresult, TRUEresult Mini & TRUEresult Twist blood glucose meters different?

 The entire TRUE result range provides accurate & precise blood glucose readings as they contain the same advanced technology.

The TRUEresult Mini and the TRUEresult Twist are designed for patients leading busy & active lives, who require a meter on them at all times. These meters are conveniently compact to allow for discrete testing & easy storage.

A number of patients use the TRUEresult for at home testing, whilst keeping a TRUEresult mini, or TRUEresult twist in their diabetic management kit for on-the-go convenience.



2. What should I do if I receive an error message when using my blood glucose meter?
An error message can occur on your blood glucose meter for a number of reasons. Please contact us and a member of our customer service team will assist in resolving the error for you. Importantly, if you are feeling unwell, or are unable to test your blood, or are unsure about the reading you are receiving, please contact your health care professional.
3. How do I register my meter's lifetime warranty?
It is important to register your meter for the lifetime warranty. We provide ongoing technical support which includes a complimentary logbook and battery every year. There are a number of ways you can register your blood glucose meter:

  1. Return the warranty card found inside the box with your meter
  2. Complete the online warranty registration
  3. Contact us & register your meter over the phone

4. What is the difference between the TRUEbalance, TRUEtrack and TRUEresult range of meters?
The TRUEresult blood glucose meters are advanced performance meters, which include the latest state-of-the-art technology and innovation to ensure precise & dependable blood glucose testing. The TRUEbalance and TRUEtrack blood glucose meters have been replaced by the newer technology found in the TRUEresult.
5. What should I do if I have a TRUEbalance or a TRUEtrack blood glucose meter?
Please contact us for a complimentary upgrade.  


1. What strips do the TRUEresult meters take?
The entire TRUEresult range of meters must only be used with TRUEresult blood glucose test strips. Attempting to use a different type of test strip, including a TRUEbalance or TRUEtrack,  will not provide an accurate blood glucose reading.
2. Where can I purchase strips?

Strips can be purchased from all NDSS access points across Australia, including pharmacies and Diabetes Australia.

Simply visit the NDSS website to find your closet access point & use the NDSS code 130.5 to find TRUEresult strips.

3. Can I use expired strips?

Never use expired strips as they will not allow for accurate results

4. How should I store my strips?
Ensure your strips are stored with the vials securely closed, away from moisture, humidity & extreme heat. After you have removed a strip for testing, ensure the vial is re-closed to protect the strips. Often, errors in testing are due to incorrectly stored or handled blood glucose test strips.


1. What are the main ingredients in the TRUEplus fast acting glucose?
The TRUEplus fast acting glucose products contain dextrose (d-glucose) as their source of carbohydrates.  Each tablet contains 4g of carbohydrates, whilst the glucose drink & glucose gel contain 15g. Other ingredients include flavouring, colouring, binding agents & preservatives.
2. How much of the fast acting glucose do I need to take to restore my blood sugar levels?
It is important to speak to your health care provider about the best treatment for you. We advise, in order to effectively treat hypoglycaemia consume 15g of carbohydrates. If using the tablets, you will need to chew 4 tablets. The drink & gel both provide 15g of fast acting glucose, so you will need to consume one of each.
3. Does TRUEplus fast acting glucose contain fat, sodium, gluten, lactose or caffeine?
 No – the entire TRUEplus range is fat, sodium, gluten, lactose & caffeine free.
4. Is TRUEplus fast acting glucose kosher?

No – the TRUEplus range is not Kosher, but it does not contain any animal products. 

5. How should I store my TRUEplus fast acting glucose?

Store at room temperature, below 30 degrees Celsius. Do not refrigerate, freeze or expose to excessive heat or moisture.


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