As passionate professionals our team at Nipro Australia believe you are important to our organisation. We are committed through our TRUEportfolio to transfer medical knowledge, expertise and health solutions to you. As your partner in healthcare our vision is to ensure we enhance your life through our range of quality, affordable, easy use products and services. Our mission is to provide innovative products for people with diabetes to lead healthier lives.

We understand the challenging task of managing your diabetes – this is why we have pioneered Nipro TRUEcare. TRUEcare is a central hub which will provide you with valuable resources to take control of your diabetes. Be part of the team by joining our TRUEcare support program today!


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Our TRUEhealth space has everything you need to know about diabetes – from understanding the basics to living, fitness and eating healthy. You can also view our ‘Choosing your products’ page to find the Nipro product that best fits your lifestyle.

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TRUEstore has been pioneered as your convenient one stop shop for diabetes. It is where you can view in detail, purchase, like, or recommend our offerings and associated services. Our TRUEportfolio includes self test blood glucose meters, glucose testing strips, lancets, glucose products and accessories.


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Connect with us through TRUEtalk. Follow our conversation by exploring the social platforms using the right panel. Like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter and Pinterest. You can speak with us also by using the ‘Contact Us’ link on the main menu.



We invite you to join us as we continue to reduce the impact of diabetes and enhance the lives of all those affected.Drop


“Your Partner In Health Care”

Nipro Australia Diabetes Care

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